Where you find your engagement ring matters

Posted on Friday, March 8th, 2013 at 11:21 am by Aaron

Some items, you just must see and buy in-person. We love the Internet, too, but there is no substitute for seeing and selecting major purchases like your vehicle, home and diamond engagement ring up close and in person.

Here’s why where you find and purchase your engagement ring matters:


     1.    Selection

A great store will show you many different options in diamond shapes, sizes and cuts, plus settings and bands. You’ll be able to truly compare, and match up a diamond into your ideal setting and entire bridal set.

     2.    Education

Our diamond experts will guide you through finding the stone and setting to fit your price range and your soon-to-be fiancée’s style. You’ll be able to ask questions (we’ve heard them all!) and truly have a discussion while you narrow down your options.

To study up before you see us, check out our Diamond Education 101, and learn about The 4 Cs of Diamonds

     3.    Uniquely yours

We can provide personalization, such as adding colored stones to your engagement ring, creating textured metals or engraving a meaningful message, scripture or song lyric into your engagement ring and/or wedding bands.

     4.    Safer options

We can offer better credit plans for long-term financing, insurance, buy-back and other policies. Again, we’ll talk you through the best approaches for you and your big purchase.

     5.    Long-term relationship

Just as you’re preparing to begin your life with your new spouse, we will be here for you and your ring. We’ll help with sizing, cleaning, prong tightening and ongoing ring care. We offer upgrade plans to trade-up your diamond at some point in the future.

     6.    Forever yours

Wimmer’s Diamonds has been here for generations, and we’re not going anywhere. Many of our diamond experts also have decades of expertise, plus a passion for keeping up with the latest styles and trends. Unlike large chain stores or department store jewelry counters, we have a rich history of dedicated diamond engagement ring sales and service—and thousands of happy couples to match.

 Wimmer's Ring


We want you to live happily ever after with your new spouse—and your engagement ring. So where you look for and purchase your diamond ring matters: and we’d be proud to be part of your in-person search.