Unique Marriage Proposals

Posted on Friday, September 13th, 2013 at 10:05 am by Aaron

The story of your marriage proposal will be recounted many times, so create a story worth sharing with the engagement ideas shared by Wimmer’s Diamonds’ Deb McShane in the Fargo Monthly Ultimate Wedding Guide. The article is on page 50!

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Deb recounts marriage proposals that include:

-       Using a combine and GPS to ‘harvest’ “Will you marry me?” into a field, visible from a crop-dusting plane

-       Popping the big question with a rock, on “The Rock,” Alcatraz Island near San Francisco

-       Lighting up a winter backyard with tiny lights on bushes and trees that twinkle “Marry me?”

-       Orchestrating a fancy restaurant dessert with the engagement ring on top and “Will you marry me?” in icing

-       Surprising her in Africa with a visit, an engagement ring and a big question


Engagement Ideas to Fit Your Style

Like your engagement ring, the mood, location and style of your proposal should fit your style. Consider returning to the scene where you first met or the location of your first date and set up meaningful details. Other ideas for unique marriage proposals:


If you’re into more dramatic approaches, coordinate your proposal at a sporting event, during previews of a movie, from stage after a theatre production, during a night out (line it up with the headlining comedian, DJ or band leader) or at 30,000 feet on an airline flight (run it by the flight attendants so you can use the plane speaker systems).


Foodies can have the ring be in the dessert or on the dessert tray during dinner at a meaningful restaurant. Create a personalized fortune cookie. Bakers love to customize cakes, desserts and other goodies with your proposal in icing or chocolate sauce.


Outdoorsy types can write the question on a kite for an afternoon at the park, spell it out in rocks along a hiking path, have the ring as a topper to the sand castle you build together at the beach or tie the ring to a pet dog’s collar and ask her to get the pooch ready for a walk.


If quiet time at home is your thing, how about a love note, perhaps with a poem, tucked inside her favorite book with your proposal at the end? A path of flower petals and/or candles can lead her to a candlelit table one evening. Carve the question into a pumpkin near Halloween. A little treasure hunt around home can lead to her favorite things, and of course you and the ring are her last stop.


Tech-y? How about a video or podcast proposal that you upload to YouTube and share, or put on her iPod? Use text messages to create a treasure hunt, ending with you and the ring. Build a web page with a love note/poem and your big question at the end. Ask her to visit the site.


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