Trends in Bridal Party Gifts

Posted on Tuesday, October 22nd, 2013 at 3:25 pm by Aaron

On-trend bridal party gifts

They’re your girls, and your guys: a little creative guidance and you can proudly bestow bridal party gifts that are affordable yet heartfelt and very memorable.










Gift your girls an on-trend infinity necklace like this Stuller Design from our collection.


For the ladies

A necklace, earrings and/or bracelet that matches her bridesmaid gown for your wedding is a classic choice. Stop in to Wimmer’s Diamonds for on-trend pieces like rose gold, sideways crosses or colorful gems in various designs. Don’t go matchy matchy: consider the same hue stones in styles to fit each ladies’ individual look, from traditional to trendy. Or get a simple pendant, and we’ll engrave each lady’s initial on one.










Every lady in your bridal party will appreciate a simple pendant with her initial, like this one from Stuller Design.


Color their worlds

Select one of these in each attendant’s favorite color:

-       Headphones

-       Personalized stationery, pen set or mobile phone cover

-       Scented candle set

-       Set of scented soaps with matching towels


For the guys

How about specialty playing cards, magazine subscription, tickets to his favorite team in action, movie or theatre tickets or a personalized flask?


Always in style

- Bottle of wine or 6-pack of microbrews with personalized labels

- Hand-painted vase from a ceramics studio
- Knitted scarf, crocheted blanked or other creation
- Jars of homemade jam


Littlest attendants

For kids in your wedding party, ask their parents for a bit of guidance. Depending on their interests, a string backpack, photo frame, sports balls, personalized bank (with some jingle inside), gumball machine or wall hanging for his or her bedroom are all good choices.










A sideways cross necklace for your attendants will remind them the wonderful style the year they celebrated your wedding. We carry many styles, including this piece from one of our favorite designers, Stuller.


Above all, keep each person’s passions in mind. If they’re into gardening, how about personalized gloves? Fitness buffs appreciate hand weights or a gift certificate to a local gym for yoga, Pilates or other sessions. Travelers, how about a personalized toiletries bag? For cooks and bakers, get a cookbook and write a heartfelt message on the inside cover. More than anything, add a hand-written thank you note to accompany your gift that expresses your appreciation for their part in your big day.