From Yes to I Do: Mara and Jason

Posted on Friday, August 16th, 2013 at 11:44 am by Aaron

What happens when a ‘rebel boy’ and a ‘good girl’ meet in high school? Find out, including the details of their ‘arranged’ marriage engagement with a Wimmer’s Diamond.

Mara Jacobsen and Jason Kent first met in high school through a group of friends who gathered to watch a movie at classmate’s home. Jason recalls: “When Mara came in, there was one seat left. It was next to me.”

The two attended the same high school, but “Mara was a mystery who I am so glad I came across,” Jason says.


















First impression

“The first thing I thought when I saw her was, ‘who is that?’ Not only was she beautiful, but she was the nicest person I had ever met,” Jason says.

Shared interests—or not

“Funny thing is, we didn’t have many shared interests at first,” Jason admits. “That’s probably why we work so well together. She was a ‘goody goody’ and I was a ‘rebel.’ When you hear someone say ‘opposites attract,’ that’s us. We both took time to learn about each other and share our interests to grow together. We dated for quite a while, then broke up when I started my career and Mara went to college. Even so, we kept in touch.”

On again

“I knew this was ‘it’ when we met for dinner one night. It was December 5. We’d been inseparable in high school, and when we reunited, we were again inseparable. By the time we discussed getting married, we’d known each other about five years,” Jason says. “We grew to love not only each other, but each other’s families as well.”

Family first

Like other couples, Jason and Mara first looked at different engagement ring styles online, then at a few area jewelry stores.  Mara selected the style she liked. Jason? He called Mara’s mom. 

“My future mom-in-law, Susie, helped me find the perfect ring for her daughter,” Jason says. “She and I went to a few jewelry stores and explained what Mara was looking for in a ring, but couldn’t find ‘the one.’

“Until we went to Wimmer’s Diamonds in West Acres Mall.”

There, they met Aaron. Jason recalls: “We told him we were looking for an engagement ring for my girlfriend and for Susie’s daughter. Right away, it was clear Aaron was going to truly listen to us. He was the only one who took time to show us multiple similar styles and really explained the different cuts in diamonds, weights, color, and other details. Aaron went so far as to order multiple different cuts and sizes of diamonds to make a custom ring I wanted to give Mara.”

Best for last

Jason continues: “About a week later he had called me with three styles of rings, and saved the best for last: that was the one I chose!”

An arranged engagement

“I picked the ring up on another December 5th, the one-year anniversary of us reuniting. I also picked up chocolate-covered fruit from Edible Arrangements. Mara had a long day of classes and work so when she got home I had already started making her favorite meal, spaghetti. She was tired, so put on a comfy white t-shirt and sky blue pajama pants with clouds. Before we started eating, I told her to save room for dessert. She was oblivious. After spaghetti, I presented her with the chocolate-covered fruit and balloons.

“My handwritten card read ‘Happy Anniversary. Thank you for the many wonderful years together and many more to come!! Mara Kent?’

“I stood behind her as she read it and it took her a minute to realize what it really said and what it was really asking until she turned around to see me on my knee with a beautiful ring waiting for her answer.”


















Yes to ‘I Do’

“At first she didn’t say anything because she was so choked up, but she finally managed to say ‘Yes!’ She immediately started calling all of our family in excitement to announce our engagement!”

Mara and Jason will be married on August 24, 2013, at Rustic Oaks. We are proud to be part of your wonderful story, and we wish you many evenings on the same couch, enjoying movies together!