Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2013 at 11:17 am by Aaron

Meet this recently engaged couple who chose a Wimmer’s Diamonds engagement ring. The stone shape is not at all what Lisa originally envisioned wearing, so enjoy reading what they chose, along with other details of their story. As they plan their Las Vegas wedding, our bets are on a happy future together!

First a little background. For two years starting in 2003, Lisa worked with Ben’s step-mom, Cindy, in Fargo. Then, Lisa moved to Bismarck but kept in touch with Cindy. In 2010, Cindy emailed Lisa, mentioning she ought to meet Ben. At the same time, Cindy kept mentioning Lisa to Ben, too, emphasizing how they had so many interests in common. They did become Facebook friends, then, in November…

How did you (finally!) meet?

Ben: “I knew Lisa was in Fargo for a concert one weekend and I had a few friends who were at the same concert. I figured swinging by after the concert I could catch up with them and possibly get a look at this Lisa who Cindy kept telling me about. Call it destiny, fate or just luck, but I walked in the back door of the building just as she was walking out. I did a double take because she was so pretty, she literally took my breath away. Of course I introduced myself!”

Lisa’s version: “I was in Fargo for a concert, and just as we walked out of the building, Ben came walking in….and the rest is history!”


First impressions of each other?

Lisa: “My first impression of Ben was that he was very tall, easygoing, genuine, fun and he smiled from ear-to-ear all night long.”

Ben: “Wow, she’s gorgeous! A little taller than I thought from pictures I’d seen, and an overwhelming presence of fun. Her eyes and smile where magical: I tried not to stare at her for too long so she wouldn’t think I was a creeper. I could tell right away that Lisa is all about enjoying life, having fun and just going with the flow—which I still love about her!” 

Shared interests?

Lisa: “We both like to dance, we like most of the same music, we both have a passion for physical fitness, running and eating healthy. We can both hold up a conversation and have a sense of humor. Ben likes to be the center of attention, the life of the party, and he has a way of always making me laugh.  We both have a good work ethic and enjoy spending time with each other and family. We also both love Las Vegas. We plan to buy a vacation home there within five years and hope to move there a few years later.

Ben: “Our shared interests continue to grow along with our relationship. Lisa has tried and now loves hiking and rock climbing in the mountains south of Las Vegas. I used to be a very picky eater, but thanks to Lisa, I’ve tried all kinds of seafood, which I know love to eat. Besides being active, we appreciate quiet nights at home watching movies.

 “We also have unshared interests that make us great together. For instance, Lisa is a laundry freak; I hate laundry. I love to cook and wash dishes. Great chore complements!”

How did you know this was “it?”

Lisa: “I knew after we had been together for about eight months. I couldn’t imagine him not being in my life. I could tell he truly loved me; he stuck with me through all of the stress of nursing school, job changes, bad work hours and bad hair days. Ben also likes dogs and doesn’t mind a little dog hair on the furniture!’

Ben: “I knew at about one year. By that time, we’d seen the good and not-so-good of each other. I could see in her eyes a change in how she started to look at me and how she appreciated my very outgoing personality with friends, family, clients (I’m a Real Estate Agent) and complete strangers. Being with someone who has my personality and career can be difficult for most people, but that is part of Lisa’s beauty and uniqueness, and why I love her so much. She loves me for the crazy person I am and allows me to be me.”

Your discussions about getting engaged?

Lisa: “Our friends teased us about getting married well before we discussed it ourselves.  Ben actually brought the conversation up first. Once the conversation was brought up I was ready, but didn’t want to get married until I was done with nursing school. About a year before he proposed, we looked at rings. I gravitated right to the most expensive ones!”

Your ring-shopping experiences?

Lisa: “We really only looked at rings on three separate occasions; twice in Fargo and once in Grand Forks. I originally wanted a princess cut diamond. Wimmer’s Diamonds was the first place we visited, then we went through three other stores, then back to Wimmer’s. They had the best customer service; they didn’t make us feel rushed and really made it an enjoyable experience.  

Ben: “For me, ring-shopping all started and ended with Aaron at Wimmer's. He and I became friends a few years earlier through the Chamber of Commerce leadership program with the Chamber of Commerce and I had no doubt Aaron would help us as we ring shopped. His knowledge, patience and attention to details were world class. I felt at ease and knew we were working with the best.”  


Why you chose the band, stone and setting you did:

We chose the Beloved from the Heart’s on Fire collection. We both loved this ring! For some reason it stood out from all the rest, and when paired with two bands, one for each side, it was even more outstanding. And it isn’t a princess cut! It is round! It fits Lisa’s personality and style. Several people comment that she has a “beacon” on her finger because it shines so bright!  

The proposal:

Lisa: “It was a Saturday morning in November, and Ben wanted to go hiking in the woods near his parents’ farm in Sabin, Minn. I wasn’t very interested, since it was cold, it was hunting season, I had just had my hair cut and styled, and I didn’t really have any proper hiking clothes. So I was a little apprehensive, but Ben insisted. I’m pretty sure I whined and complained the whole way out to this area of land where he wanted to start hiking. Just inside the wooded area, I saw an older camper with some chairs and a fire pit. Then I noticed some flowers up in trees so I start looking back and forth from the campsite to the flowers. When I finally realized what was going on, Ben was down on one knee proposing to me. Hanging from two trees was a gigantic heart made out of large tree branches wrapped in white flowers, in the middle of this huge heart wrapped in pink flowers were smaller branches that were put together to spell out “Marry Me”! I couldn’t believe my eyes!  I was amazed, shocked, elated and super excited! He started a bonfire and we had mimosas by the fire.  Ben had been in the woods a couple of days earlier, out in the cold wind putting this all together.”

Ben: “As a kid, growing up on our farm, we had a camping spot in the woods and I remember thinking that one day this would be where I want to propose. I figured it would be the perfect surprise because I knew Lisa wouldn’t expect it. It took a lot of work, a few swear words in making the gigantic heart, and some creativity, but it was all worth it. She is the true love of my life and I wanted her to know how much that moment and her mean to me.


Wedding date: October 5, 2013

Lisa: “We are having a wine-themed, black cocktail dress wedding in Las Vegas, in the backyard of Ben’s parent’s vacation home. Our colors are black, white and fuchsia. We are encouraging everyone who can attend to get out their fun, party-style black dress and attire. The ceremony will be at sunset with the reception following, then we’ll take a party bus down to Freemont Street and the Las Vegas Strip for the night! 

Anything else we ought to know?

Ben: “We have acquired several nicknames. Together we are referred to as “BENISA,” and I call Lisa ‘Babycakes, Blondie and ‘Twist Face’ when she’s crabby. Her only nickname for me is ‘Dork,’ which is when I am acting like a goof ball which is pretty much all the time.”

‘Sounds like true love to us, you two! Cheers to a lovely wedding and beautiful life together.