From Yes to I Do: Emily and Mark

Posted on Tuesday, April 23rd, 2013 at 3:48 pm by Aaron

Mark and Emily are a recently engaged couple with a Wimmer’s Diamonds engagement ring. We proudly helped sculpt their perfect stone, setting and Mark’s ring, too. Even though they admitted they first came in to see us on a bet (!), we love that they share the rest of their story here.

Emily + Mark: Wimmer's Diamonds

Your first impressions of each other?

Emily: “He's really funny, smart, and wow, there is chemistry here!” 

Mark: “She is a girl willing to go to Space Aliens for a first date…She is a keeper!”

Shared interests?
“We both enjoy board games, video games, walking, biking, hiking, Star Trek, spending time with friends and eating pizza.”

How did you know this was “it?”
Emily: “A while after Mark and I started dating, I started to realize how big a role he was playing in my life: he wasn't just my 'boyfriend,’ he was my best friend. He was the first person I wanted to share good news with and the person I sought comfort from with not-so-good news. We share many values and opinions—yet we also challenge each other. Once I realized all of this, I made the connection that these were all of the things I was looking for in a spouse, and Mark was ‘it!’”
Mark: “For two years while we were dating, I spent my summers in Pittsburgh. During the second summer, Emily came out to visit me and then our conversations moved more to the future rather than the present.”

Your discussions about getting engaged?
“We had many! We both knew it was going to happen, it was just a matter of time.”

Your ring-shopping experiences?
Emily: “We actually came into Wimmer's Diamonds on a bet. Our friends had just been engaged and we bet on how much the ring cost (since Mark hadn't ever looked at rings, it was a good way to show him). Renee at Wimmer’s overheard me say that I couldn't ever wear a ring like this or that because of my job at the hospital, since a higher setting would get caught on gloves and patients. Renee came over and showed us the option of a half or modified bezel. Mark doesn't remember, but he pointed out my ring that day saying that he liked it, and ever since, that's been ‘my ring.’” 

“Our experience at Wimmer's has been wonderful! They know our names and really listened to what we wanted. Other stores just wanted to sell the biggest, most gaudy ring they could and weren't listening to us at all. It was also really clear that some stores were trying to make a sale, apparently paid on commission. Most stores didn't even have a modified bezel ring at all, and almost none of them had any yellow gold. We also bought Mark's ring at Wimmer's: it’s a beautiful Tungsten wedding band.”

Why you chose the band, stone and setting you did:

Emily: “I chose yellow gold for the band because I have always loved yellow gold. Plus, I know a lot of the ladies at the hospital complain that they have to get their white gold rings re-dipped more often because of the alcohol that we use on our hands hundreds of times a day. The stone was all Mark. The setting is what convinced me. The diamond is flush in the ring so there is nothing sharp on it at all. I work in a hospital and I put on/take off gloves all day long. I didn't want to risk constantly breaking gloves and I didn't want to risk scratching a patient. The diamonds on the side are perfect too, so that I can put in on a necklace for when I work in the NICU and can't wear a ring.” 

Emily + Mark: Wimmer's Diamonds

The Proposal?
Mark: “Emily had always wanted to go to the Walker Art Center Sculpture Gardens in Minneapolis, so for our trip down to Emily’s grandparents for their 50th wedding anniversary, we took an extra day and rode the light rail into Minneapolis for the day. We went to the Sculpture Gardens, and I proposed while sitting at a bench. Well, I did get down on one knee at the ‘Big Spoon’ and we spent the next hour at the garden talking.” 

Wedding date: September 21, 2013

“Our wedding themes are ’focused on fun and some of our favorite things. We want everyone to enjoy the whole night. We are working really hard to make sure of it! We also really want the wedding to reflect us. We are throwing out a lot of “traditions” that people do because they think they have to, and are doing things that are meaningful to us instead. For example, we have Lego men to represent each one of our groomsmen and bridesmaids, one for each of us and even one for my pastor that we handmade to look like each person.

“Our colors are clover green and a royal blue horizon hue. The girls are picking their own dresses so they can feel comfortable. The guys will probably be in grey pants and colored suspenders and bowties. Oh, and the guys will have awesome socks!” 

As Emily and Mark summarized, “Everyone at Wimmer’s Diamonds is wonderful!”

We feel the same about you, and wish you all the very best in these days of anticipation and planning and your adventurous lives together!