Engagement ring guide: Seven steps to find your perfect ring

Posted on Wednesday, January 16th, 2013 at 9:59 am by Aaron

You've found the ideal girl. Now find an engagement ring just as ideal that will also last forever. We've guided thousands of grooms-to-be through the process of finding the perfect engagement ring and here are the 7 steps that seem to work best for most guys:

1. Establish your budget range:
This will help our associates show you options in your price range. If you're not sure what your budget should be, we're happy to work with you on figuring out what a reasonable amount is to spend on an engagement ring. Keep in mind it's really not romantic to go deep in debt because of an engagement ring purchase. Choose the nicest ring you can comfortably afford. Details like diamond quality and cut and a setting that really fits her style are more important than just a big rock. Sometimes, a high-quality, but smaller-sized diamond will be a fond reminder of your humble start together as a married couple. Remember, there will always be a chance to upgrade her diamond for a future anniversary, birthday, etc. We especially love seeing couples back in our store and welcome the opportunity to work with our engagement ring customers to make their future special occasions even more so.

2. Research her style:
Take notice if she wears more white or yellow metal in her other jewelry. Does she choose classic clothing and jewelry pieces like pearls with a more understated style, or does she go for trendier looks in her attire and other jewelry? Consider her personality: if she's more reserved, look for a simple, yet beautiful ring and if she is a bit edgy, consider something unique and modern. Need inspiration? Check out our blog post on on over-the-top engagement rings.

And if you want to be absolutely sure that you are choosing a ring style that she will love for years to come, do not be embarrassed to come check out some rings together. This way, she can give you a little guidance by picking out a few styles she loves and you can still choose "the one."

3. Find out her ring size
If you come in together to engagement ring shop, we can size her finger on site. If, however, you want to be sneaky, borrow a ring from her jewelry box that she wears on her ring finger and bring it to us. You'll have it back before she notices, Mr. Bond. If the engagement ring doesn't fit, we can easily and quickly resize it, too. The closer we are to her actual finger size, the better.

4. Surprise or no?
We've seen more and more couples coming in together to select an engagement ring. We also see guys subtly asking their gal questions on ring styles in order to gauge which engagement rings catches her gaze. And sometimes, a guy will not get any guidance from her and just pick out a ring! Any way will work, but you have to do it however you are comfortable. Yes, bringing her in to look at various styles of rings does give a bit of the surprise away, but this ensures that you will be purchasing a ring that she is going to love! After all, how and when you propose will be the biggest surprise of all! And if you think she would appreciate being totally surprised, then consider just stopping in on your own or consulting her best friend on which style is going to work best. Either way, she is sure to cherish forever the ring you picked out all on your own or together.

5. Pick the engagement ring and wedding band
Engagement rings and wedding bands are available in yellow gold, white gold, rose gold, palladium and platinum. Different metals have different benefits. For instance, platinum is very durable, but over time, it takes on a patina finish and will not retain the high-polish finish of white gold (platinum can, however, be easily buffed back to its original luster). Right now, white gold and platinum are in vogue. Yet yellow gold will always be a classic choice.

Choose an engagement ring that is entirely her. Whether you have gotten some guidance from her or you are picking out the ring yourself, choose a ring that fits her style and personality. The simplest and most classic style of ring is the solitaire (a center diamond of any size or shape with no diamonds down the band). There are hundreds of styles of solitaire mountings available. If she likes something with a bit more "bling," there are also numerous styles to choose from. Our job is to narrow down the endless options to one perfect ring.

6. Select a diamond:
If you come in with diamond knowledge, that is fantastic! If not, that is perfectly fine too. Our skilled associates can assist you in selecting the perfect diamond for her ring. This gets into the great details of the perfect diamond. Check out our section on Diamond Education 101, and learn about The 4 Cs of Diamonds.

Art Carved Ring

7. Insurance
It would be terrible if her diamond or ring was lost, stolen, or had an extreme amount of damage! Getting her ring insured will help give you some piece of mind. We'll provide you with the right paperwork: a certified jewelry appraisal is given with each of our engagement rings; however it is up to you to submit the appraisal to your insurance provider. As another option, other than your renter's or homeowner's insurance, we recommend insuring her ring (and any other jewelry) through Jeweler's Mutual, which is a separate policy just for jewelry.

See? It's as easy as that. You're just seven steps away from finding the perfect engagement ring. You can do it! And we're here to help in any way we can!