Engagement ring designer spotlight: Simon G.

Posted on Thursday, January 9th, 2014 at 11:30 am by Aaron

Looking for a diamond engagement ring on the leading edge of design with incredible attention to detail? One of Wimmer’s Diamonds premier designers, Simon G., has a lovely selection you ought to see at one of our Fargo jewelry store locations.

Rose Gold Simon G.











Notice the gorgeous 18K rose gold with .37ctw round white diamonds in this Simon G. engagement ring from their Reminisce Collection.

Vintage Simon G. Engagement Ring












Vintage romance in this 18L white gold ring showcasing a stunning halo and .27ctw of white diamonds from Simon G.’s Passion Collection.


Family knows best

We’ve carried Simon G. jewelry for several years, in part because they, too, are a family-owned business. Their designs consistently win awards for leading edge design, and they incorporate other precious metals and natural, colored diamonds in some pieces. But most of all, they have amazing attention to tiny details, such as:

-        All micro-set diamonds are hand set

-        All set diamonds and other tiny details are inspected by an experienced artisan using a microscope

-        Each detail is absolutely perfect

-        Each ring has its own unique and feel

This ensures that Simon G. diamond engagement rings brilliantly reflect light, and our customers will never have to worry about losing a single stone. Each detail is sharp, and every piece has its own unique look and feel. 

Simon G. engagement ringSimon G. engagement ringSimon G. engagement ring






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How Simon G. creates your dream diamond engagement ring

I’ve heard Simon Ghanimian explain his story, and he has values that we share here at Wimmer’s Diamonds—and in our upper Midwest area. As he tells it, growing up, Simon’s parents handed down the values of honest, hard work to him and his siblings. They were taught that if you could build something with your hands, you'd never go hungry.















That led him to creating jewelry. After a few years, he came from Beirut to Los Angeles, where he decided to open his own business. But when he went to register at City Hall, and the clerk told him his name was too long.

Simon Ghanimian became Simon G.

That was 31 years ago. At the start, it was just he and his wife, Silva. Now, he has 60 employees, designers from all around the world, and Simon G.’s work is sold at worldwide premium jewelry stores like Wimmer’s Diamonds. Simon will tell you he wants his jewelry to bring as much joy to you and it brought to him in designing it.

Come see Simon G. and other diamond engagement rings at Wimmer’s Diamonds. And look for more designer spotlights on the blog in the coming weeks.