Adam + Julia

Posted on Thursday, November 8th, 2012 at 10:57 am by Aaron

Adam and Julia are a recently engaged couple with a ring from Wimmer's Diamonds. Adam shares their story here:

How did you and Julia meet?
We met at a mutual friend's house a couple years ago. At the time she had long dark curly hair and ocean blue eyes. I don't know if you can say it was love at first sight but those eyes had me thinking that I could look at them every day for the rest of my life.

When did you decide you were going to propose?
We often go to 'The Farm' in Hazen. Pat and Lori, the married couple who live there, helped Julia and I talk about our values and other important things-while having fun at a peaceful place. After a long talk with Pat and Lori about my future with Julia, they told me that they had a diamond that they wanted me to give to her when I proposed. I was overwhelmed and grateful!

Why did you choose Wimmer's?
I visited nearly all the diamond stores in Fargo but I ended at Wimmer's because they asked me about Julia. It made a difference that Wimmer's wanted to find something that fit Julia's character and style-not just my price range.

Who did you work with at Wimmer's?
I worked with Nancy: she was patient with me from start to finish, and I know I can go back to Nancy with any questions or concerns with the ring.

How did you decide on the ring?
Knowing that I had a gorgeous diamond to set in a new band eliminated the stress of picking the right diamond. I wanted an 'asymmetrically beautiful' setting just like Julia; just like us. I knew she didn't want anything big. She wanted a functional ring, that won't get caught on anything with her active lifestyle. The ring Nancy helped me find is perfect: the diamond sits low so it won't get caught on anything. It's a simple look, yet has a little extra character with some diamonds in the band.

How did you propose?
We were on our way out to The Farm for the weekend, where my brother, best friend and Julia's sister were joining us. I asked Pat and Lori to arrange lights and candles in the barn. When we arrived, just Julia and I went to the barn. It was lit up beautifully! The CD player started playing "Overjoyed" by Matchbox Twenty. Then "Marry Me" by Train started playing. Julia later told me she thought 'Oh, I love this song. But wait...what is Adam up to?"

I got down on one knee and opened the ring box. I looked into those ocean blue eyes that I first fell in love with and the candles reflected off of them and I said, "Julia, will you marry me?" She pulled me up and jumped into my arms and said yes. I put the ring on her finger and she jumped around awhile and about every third jump she would come over and hug me. Then we went back to the house to share our excitement with our family and friends.

Engagement Photo

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