19 gift ideas your bridesmaids will love

Posted on Monday, November 26th, 2012 at 10:33 am by Aaron

19 bridesmaids gift ideas

Brides, they're your ladies! They've listened, planned and empathized with you, and they'll be right there as you say 'I do.' Your best girls are ready to celebrate with you, too, so show your appreciation with thoughtful yet affordable bridesmaid gifts.


What not to give

1. Cash - instead, pay for their wedding day hair, makeup or manicure; or upgrade their hotel room

2. Gift cards - too impersonal

3. Nothing - build a little into your budget for at least something for each lady; See our ideas here.


Gift guidelines to keep in mind Bridesmaid gifts need not be matchy-matchy. The Maid of Honor deserves a little more lavish gift; gifts for junior bridesmaids and flower girls can be more modest. Know your ladies (don't get scented lotion for your skin-sensitive attendant or a makeup kit for your au natural girlfriend). Keep an eye out for good deals in the months before your wedding. Pick up perfect gifts along the way. Above all, give something that reflects her interests and style.  


Nineteen great bridesmaid gift ideas

1. Jewelry is nice, but make sure it's not a piece she can wear for your wedding day only. Pearls or a simple pair of earrings like this pair by Allison Kaufman are perfect.

2. Personalized jewelry case or a personalized jewelry roll for ladies on the go. Crafty Stiches. has great designs any girl would love.

3. Hand-painted platter, vase or set of wine glasses (go to a local pottery shop and create it yourself or purchase from Sweet Southern Company's Etsy shop)

4. Monogrammed keychain

5. Stylish, monogrammed tote bag (yoga bag for your flexible ladies)

6. Personalized photo frame

7. A set of her favorite movies or film with her favorite actor/actress

8. Engraved wine box with a bottle of her favorite vintage

9. Themed gifts: Personalized ornament for a holiday-time wedding; embroidered beach towel and bag for summer nuptials; Gardening gloves, hand shovel kit and flowering plants for a spring wedding

10. Tickets to an upcoming concert, game or event that fit her passions

11. A current best-selling book with fancy bookmark or electronic reader

12. Personalized stationery

13. Designer makeup bag

14. Handmade scarf, blanket, hat or other knitted creation in her color palette (create it yourself or visit etsy.com)

15. Personalized camera bag with a great photography book

16. Homemade jam or salsa with a trendy or classic cookbook

17. French press with a bag of gourmet coffee beans

18. Personalized poem

19. Cards with your favorite recipes and an adorable apron With a little thought and enough time to search your bridesmaids will each treasure her gift to show how much you appreciate her support and shared celebration.